The Horror of

Water Damage

in your home

Prevent Water Damage in your Home

Water damage is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. This comes as a horror considering the destruction that takes place once water finds its way into your home. The situation can get out of hand if the damage is ignored or goes unnoticed. 

However, the biggest problem is the unseen water damage that may occur behind walls which can go unnoticed for a very long time. The likely cause of this problem could be sewer and pipe systems in your home. This causes leaks and drips which might go on for weeks, months or years, doing unseen damage and raising your monthly water bill.

The trail of destruction resulting from water leakage can cost you a fortune in repairs and replacement of damaged parts of your house. Below are the results you may experience when water seeps in behind your walls.

Rapid Growth of Mold and Mildew

The first horror you will come face to face with is a mosaic of colors such as red, yellow and brown. These colors denote the physical characteristics of mold and mildew. As living things and plants, in particular, molds and mildew need water and nutrients to grow. So, a leak in a bathroom or kitchen, however small it may seem, can provide a fertile ground for the growth of these microbes. 

The presence of these two living organisms in your house can be detrimental to your health. Mold is known to cause serious health complications especially breathing problems for those with asthma, allergies or other respiratory diseases.

To avoid such problems, you need to be sure of any possible avenue where leaks can occur are closely watched. One simple way to do this is to monitor the caulking in your shower, bath or sinks. Old or cracked caulking can allow water to seep behind walls and cause damage that may not be noticed for years. Remember, mold and mildew flourish in dark and damp areas so preventing water from leaking behind walls is a key strategy.

Damage to Several Structures in Your House

Another horror of water damage is the weakening of several structures in your home. Water can rot and destroy the wall studs, roofs, floors, and even the foundation. The stability of these structures can be compromised by sustained water exposure.

For instance, if your floor is made of wood materials, water can cause the floorboards to warp or cup, causing a very expensive replacement. Wood structural members can absorb more water and start to swell, warp or split apart. If this happens, your house’s structural stability may be compromised. Repairs could cost thousands of dollars and even force you and your family to relocate during refurbishment.

You may prevent permanent damage to the structures in your home by adhering to a simple maintenance schedule. Ensuring that your sinks, tubs and showers have fresh and properly applied sealant is a great start.

A common source of water damage could be at the seam where your bathtub meets the tiled wall. Ensure that all affected areas are dry and the source of water damage is contained or sealed completely to prevent such occurrences.

If the integrity of the structure within your house has been compromised, you must work hand in hand with a building inspector to determine the type of repairs needed. This is a better way to ensure that your home is safe for you and the rest of your family members.


Water Damage can Cause Electrical Problems

Water can damage your electrical wiring system throughout your house. As you may know, water and electricity don’t get along well and when they get into contact with each other, a short circuit is created. This can lead to damaged electrical appliances, blown fuses, electrocution, and fires. 

Electrical fires are quite dangerous and hard to put out unless you have the right equipment. The situation may become complicated if water damage is the cause of electrical fires. Therefore, you must ensure that any water leakage or flooding is contained quickly to prevent such accidents. 

Likewise, you may turn off the electricity in your house to stop injuries in case your home gets flooded. Proceed with performing water damage clean up and sealing all the sources of water within your home. Look for a reputable electrician to check and verify that your wiring and electrical appliances are in good working condition.


Water Damage can Lead to Bacteria, Germs and Parasites Infestation

Water damage can turn your home into a safe haven for parasites, germs, and bacteria. This is common if the source of water is your washroom, damaged drainage system, leaking toilet or blocked sink. All these places have the potential to harbor all types of disease-causing organisms in your home. 

This kind of disaster and horror calls for immediate action or professional services. Any negligence can escalate the problem, causing serious health issues among your family members. For example, failure to do a thorough clean up of the mess created by water damage can lead to illnesses like deadly hepatitis or different types of waterborne diseases. Apart from that, the value of your property (home) will go down dramatically as a result of water damage.


Water Damage can be a Source of Hazardous Chemicals 

Depending on the source of water damage, you may be at risk of being exposed to harmful chemicals. Most of these hazardous chemicals originate from external sources and enter your house through damaged sewer pipes, floods or run-off water. 

In some cases, flood water can mix and react with household chemicals, resulting in a chemical contaminated area within your home. This can affect not only your family members but your pets and other animals in your compound as well. If this happens, make sure that you contact professionals to come and get rid of the contaminated chemicals from your home or do some repair if necessary.

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Water damage can lead to the escalation of mold, mildew and other microbial growth in a few days. This can compromise your health and that of your family members including pets if counter-reactive measures are not applied. Other too many “horrors” of water damage that you may encounter include the damage to your home’s structure, electrical problems, and exposure to hazardous chemicals. 


But you can prevent all these by employing a simple maintenance routine and ensuring that all your sealant is fresh and up to date. The best way of solving this problem is by caulking your bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, doors and other places using silicone sealant. If you are in northern New Jersey, contact us to have all your caulking requirements taken care of today.

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