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Protect your pool’s exterior from water damage

Old and cracked caulk is unattractive but beyond that water that seeps through that joint can accumulate behind the coping. When it freezes during wintertime, it expands and can cause the coping or the decking to shift which could require very expensive repairs. 

Simply Caulk It has performed a number of pool caulking jobs and would be happy to provide you a competitive proposal for your pool.

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Pool Caulking Contractor

Owning a backyard pool is a fantastic centerpoint for family & friends.  Summer BBQ & swim parties can create wonderful memories for your family and serve to bring friends together.

Whether you had the pool built or bought your house with the pool already in place you know that they require proper maintenance especially to survive New Jersey’s harsh winters.

Pool owners know they have to have water lines cleared to avoid freezing but sometimes pool caulking is neglected.   Caulk is the weatherproof sealant that waterproofs the joint between the coping and the decking.

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Replace Pool Coping Caulk

The caulk surrounding your pool may be one of the most important items on your pool’s maintenance checklist. 

It’s a bold statement when you have filters and covers and pH balance to care for but ignoring the caulk surrounding your pool can lead to potentially catastrophic damage. 

What is pool caulk?   Pool caulking is the mastic or silicon material that seals the seam between your pool’s coping.  Coping is the area that sits directly on top of the vertical wall of your pool. Consider it the “edge” of your pool.   The coping may be the same material, such as stone or concrete, as the pool deck but they are separate, and they are effectively connected by caulking.   If you were able to slip your hand down that seem between the coping and the pool deck, you would find the outer side of your pool, where the concrete and the dirt meet. 

Replace Swimming Pool Caulk

Keeping that dirt dry and doing what you can to prevent that dirt from shifting is a key step in protecting your pool from cracked walls or the pool sinking. 


Before we dig into how neglected pool caulking can cause irreparable damage, right off the bat, if you haven’t replaced your pool caulking over the past 5-7 years you should closely examine it for signs of cracks or the caulk pulling away from the pool deck or the coping.  Caulk typically lasts 5-10 years but if it wasn’t done correctly in the first place that window could be cut in half.  The older your caulk is the more likely you should consider replacing it. 



Another reason to consider replacing caulk is appearance.  You have this beautiful pool but if the caulk wasn’t installed properly or the finish is rough it could just look terrible.  Maybe the existing caulk is below the top edge of the coping and the pool deck causing an untold number of stubbed toes this summer. 



As we touched on above, pool caulk seals the seam between the pool’s coping and the pool deck.  The coping is connected to the top edge of your pool while the decking, if concrete based, is laying on the dirt surrounding the pool itself.  A crack in your pool wall will introduce water to the underground dirt surrounding your pool possibly causing it to shift and move away from the pool wall reducing the amount of structural support that it’s supposed to give.  This can happen with no crack in your pool wall if water can seep from the deck due to faulty sealant between the coping and the pool wall. 

As the wet dirt shifts, the less support it provides to the pool wall and the larger a crack can become.  Shifting dirt can also cause pools to sink which could make the pool a total loss. 

Aside from shifting dirt, winter temps can freeze the water trapped below the surface or trapped in the seam between the coping and pool deck causing even more significant damage to your pool’s walls, deck & coping.

Ironically, water is one of the biggest dangers to the long term health of your pool.


Our Simply Caulk It team will come in and remove every trace of old caulking currently surrounding your pool.  We take care to leave the coping and pool deck as clean as possible so the new caulking will have the best adherence.   Then, based on the materials we’re dealing with, will select the most appropriate commercial grade sealant and carefully caulk the entire seam surrounding your pool. 

We’ll leave you instructions for drying time, how long it should set and of course, will promptly return should there be any issues after the job is over. 


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