Pool Caulking Contractor

Protect your pool’s exterior from water damage

Pool Caulking Contractor

Owning a backyard pool is a fantastic centerpoint for family & friends.  Summer BBQ & swim parties can create wonderful memories for your family and serve to bring friends together.

Whether you had the pool built or bought your house with the pool already in place you know that they require proper maintenance especially to survive New Jersey’s harsh winters.

Pool owners know they have to have water lines cleared to avoid freezing but sometimes pool caulking is neglected.   Caulk is the weatherproof sealant that waterproofs the joint between the coping and the decking.

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Replace Pool Caulk

Old and cracked caulk is unattractive but beyond that water that seeps through that joint can accumulate behind the coping. When it freezes during wintertime, it expands and can cause the coping or the decking to shift which could require very expensive repairs. 

Leaking water can also cause the dirt to shift which can make the pool coping also shift.

Fresh caulk has other benefits such as offering a nice transition from the coping to the deck area, it will keep the area near the pool looking cleaner and as often the joints are over one inch wide, properly installed pool caulk can keep the joint free of debris buildup.

Simply Caulk It has performed a number of pool caulking jobs and would be happy to provide you a competitive proposal for your pool.

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