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As a bathroom caulking contractor, we understand that no one enjoys having a bath in a grimy old bathtub.  Since you want your loved ones to be in a safe breathable bathroom, you should hire a professional like Simply Caulk It so you can reap the priceless benefits of bathroom caulking.

Did You Know That New Bathroom Caulking Can:

  • Prevent toxic bathroom air
  • Prevent extensive damage
  • Save you money on repair costs
  • Prevent serious health conditions
  • Provide satisfaction from the look of your bathroom
  • Provide a clean bathroom
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What Bathroom Areas Need to Be Caulked?

Preventing water damage inside your bathrooms is very important. Caulking should be a part of every homeowner’s routine maintenance because it prevents avoidable damage around bathroom fixtures and other different areas in the home. Identifying caulk areas is important if you want to find out whether your bathroom needs a seal. Below are the common areas that require caulking:

  • The seams of a bathtub or shower
  • The wall where a bathtub or shower surround ends
  • Where the tile meets the bathtub
  • Where the tile meets the ceiling
  • Along the top of a backsplash or counter
  • Where a backsplash meets the vanity top
  • Where a bathtub or shower meets flooring
  • Around faucets, shower heads, knobs, and spouts

Breaks occur along joints, and these spaces can create an opportunity for water to enter and cause larger problems. The typical areas in a bathroom where caulking is required will vary and depend on the fixtures and materials installed in your home.

Protect your home from costly water damage

3 Reasons to Choose Simply Caulk It For Bathroom Caulking


1. Our Bathroom Caulking Service Will Keep Your Healthy

New caulk in a bathroom provides a fresh feel. Your bath area will look and feel clean and welcoming, but most importantly, caulking will help protect your bathroom from mold and fungus growth which can lead to illness.

2. We Will Keep Off Mold & Mildew!

Drastically reduced mold and mildew infestation from your walls and make your bathroom safe from mold and mildew damage. This benefit will save you money that will otherwise be spent on expensive bathroom repairs.

3. We Provide a Water Proofing Seal & Prevent Water Damage

Not only can caulking help improve the look of your bathroom, but it will also help prevent water damage. Moisture and wetness can cause extensive loss and hiring a professional caulker will help your ensure that all areas are sealed tight from any potential damage.


Don’t Let a Moldy Bathroom Make You Sick!

Cracked dry caulk can allow water to seep into areas behind bathroom sinks, bath tubs, dry walls, tiles, backsplash etc., which can lead to expensive water damage. Caulking is important in creating a waterproof seal around these areas in your bathroom. Over time, caulk will deteriorate and can lead to water seepage and mold growth. Mold can be very dangerous to your health, so taking proper care and maintaining these moisture-prone areas is very important.

That disgusting bathroom caulking that was hidden by the shower curtain whenever you had guests around is no longer a problem. We will install a new caulk that looks great so you can be proud of the overall look of your bathroom.

Our team can provide you with a clean, fresh seal. This will help protect you and your family from fungus and mold growth in the future. Because mold is dangerous to your health, we recommend that all areas in your home are protected from any mold growth. Old caulk can cause mold and grime to build up and this can become costly and harmful in the long term.

Getting your bathroom re-caulked helps care for your family and provides them with a healthier environment. Freshly re-caulked bathrooms save you the worry of living with your loved ones in an unhealthy home. Many people have fallen ill due to mold infested caulking, which has been known to create toxic particles that make a home in the lungs of humans. To avoid this distressing situation, why not get your bathroom and other vulnerable areas in your home re-caulked?

Caulking Bathtubs

We use long lasting materials when caulking bathtubs. Because of our experience, we have come to identify which materials work best for certain areas, resulting in long-lasting seals and less fuss. The process of caulking a bathtub is done using a methodical approach and because it is delicate work, we take our time in preparing, curing and caulking.

Our re-caulking services provide you with a fresh new look to the bathroom. Instead of having a bath area that looks grimy and old, you can just get a bathroom re-caulking service to provide a fresh new feel. Your home will be more welcoming and pleasant after you have re-caulked the necessary areas.

Caulking Shower Gaps

Caulking is useful in sealing shower gaps. Water will not enter through to the walls and flooring, reducing any potential damage. It is recommended in every bathroom no matter the type of fixtures: standing shower or tub with a shower. It can completely seal holes and cracks where building materials merge. Using a high-quality sealant, we ensure that our caulk meets the best standards for showers, yielding the best results.


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