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Save on utilities with new caulking


Professional Door & Window Caulking Service

Did you know that replacing the caulk in your home can save you as much as 5-30% on your annual utility bills? Re-caulking your doors, windows, and other cracks or crevices is a huge deal in terms of savings and structural preservation.

Damaged or cracked caulking around your doors and windows can cause a multitude of problems for your property. Poorly caulked doors and windows allow air flow from outside to enter the building, making it harder for warm or cold air to flow properly. This can result in a higher energy bill from overheating or air conditioning just to keep your interior climate controlled.  Learn more about our window caulking services by clicking here.

Damaged caulking can also cause water leakage, which can lead to rot, damage, and mold. Cracks around doors and windows are also the perfect opening for pests that might infiltrate your property.

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Simply Caulk It is the Solution!

Simply Caulk It offers a door and window re-caulking service that can solve these problems. We will strip all of the old caulk from the crack or crevice before applying the new material to keep your home air-tight. If required, we will also use a backer rod and spray foam to close up the gaps and stop the draft, keeping water and pests outside.

While re-caulking your doors and windows will save you money and increase your building’s aesthetic appeal, it will also keep you and your family healthy as you will not have to deal with an insect infestation issue. Your property will also be safe from the potential damage caused by these pesky insects.

Simply Caulk It can help you save money by offering you an affordable price and full warranty coverage on our services. We are highly competent in handling any task, residential or commercial.

Residential Door and Window Caulking Projects

We handle basic residential caulking jobs to improve the aesthetics of your home. We also reduce water damage, air leakage, and pest infiltration from doors and window cracks. No matter the type of structural residence, Simply Caulk It will handle all door and window caulking projects.


Commercial Caulking Contractor

If your property is in need of high-quality door and window caulking services, we can help! We also provide re-caulking and waterproofing services if your building is too hot or too cold from a bad caulking job.

Door Caulking

Just like your windows, a lot of air is lost when a door is poorly insulated and caulked. But you can make your entire property warmer with a professional door caulking service from Simply Caulk It.

The Simply Caulk It Difference!

If the caulking around your doors and windows are starting to crack, give Simply Caulk It a call. We offer caulking services for buildings small and large and have the expertise to provide you with not only a professionally finished job but also the best customer service in Northern New Jersey.

Caulking projects of any size

Simply Caulk It can handle any size caulking projects, no matter the size! We use the best quality materials to guarantee a long-lasting seal on our caulking and weather proofing services. Durable and high-quality materials are not all we promise to deliver, we bring you years of experience and expertise to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

In addition to saving money on costly water damage repairs, re-caulking your kitchen will save you time and the cost of materials.

Re-caulking helps you:

  • Guard against water or moisture damage
  • Install a sealant that is mold and mildew resistant
  • Replace old, unsightly or damaged sealants

Not only can caulking help improve the appearance of your kitchen, but it offers a valuable function in all applications. Water can cause a great amount of damage, including the spread of mold and even structural issues. Keeping interior spaces dry is why you should hire a caulking service company for your kitchen caulking needs. We can help prevent several problems around your kitchen so don’t let a simple fix become an expensive problem.

Our Door and Window Caulking Experience

Simply Caulk It employees are qualified professionals with years of experience in removing and replacing broken caulk and control joints. We maintain leak-free commercial or residential properties as this is the main purpose of our service. We can apply caulking to doors and windows, sidings, wet sills, concrete etc..

If you are looking for a team that handles commercial buildings as well, we’ve got you covered. Our team uses the best commercial silicone and urethane caulking and sealants in the market. No other company can offer a better quality job or warranty.


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