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Refresh old kitchen caulking in your home

Replace Kitchen Caulk

Professional kitchen caulking looks better than a DIY job, and the quality of the finished job will offer a better and longer lasting seal. If you are in search of a caulking service company, then choose one with experience and a professional team. Simply Caulk It! provides kitchen caulking services, to protect your home or business from drafts, water damage, and more.

Caulk serves as an air and water barrier for protection, but over time, it can become brittle and can break off, which leads to the need for replacement to avoid water damage and leaks. By choosing a caulking contractor with years of experience and skill, you will be getting a superior service and a higher quality service that will protect you better in the long run. Contact Simply Caulk It! today for a kitchen caulking quote.

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Save Money by Caulking!

In addition to saving money on costly water damage repairs, re-caulking your kitchen will save you time and the cost of materials.

Re-caulking helps you:

  • Guard against water or moisture damage
  • Install a sealant that is mold and mildew resistant
  • Replace old, unsightly or damaged sealants

Not only can caulking help improve the appearance of your kitchen, but it offers a valuable function in all applications. Water can cause a great amount of damage, including the spread of mold and even structural issues. Keeping interior spaces dry is why you should hire a caulking service company for your kitchen caulking needs. We can help prevent several problems around your kitchen so don’t let a simple fix become an expensive problem.

Protect your kitchen from water damage

3 Reasons to Choose Us For Kitchen Caulking?


1. We Provide a Water Proofing Seal & Prevent Water Damage

Caulking around some joints and fixtures forms a seal that prevents faucet and shower water from flowing or seeping into cracks and fissures. If water gets in these areas, it can cause damage that is very costly to repair. This is why our installers usually caulk around the kitchen faucet and sink. Caulking these areas stops water from seeping between faucets and countertops, where it can cause damage to the countertop, cabinet and the floor under the sink. If you don’t caulk around a kitchen sink, water may damage the wall and floor underneath.

2. Caulking Can Help You Lower Your Energy Costs

There may be several spots in your kitchen where caulking will prevent drafts and hot or cold air loss from escaping outside. These vulnerable spots are the borders around kitchen windows or doors, along with the kitchen wall baseboards and many others—depending on the construction of your property. If these openings and cracks are not caulked, the air indoors can escape during cold or warm periods. This invariably means that you may need to increase your home’s heating and air-conditioning usage to make up for the loss, and subsequently, increase your home’s energy costs.

3. We Help Protect Your Home From Outdoor Elements

As well as preventing air leakage, caulking around kitchen windows and trimmings provides protection from outside elements getting inside (through the window frame or via other crevices). Dust and dirt can enter your kitchen more easily without caulk to provide any protection. When the moisture from rain or snow seeps in, it will cause some damage to the structure, may cause rot, warped wood, and your wallpaper could start to peel off! This can also lead to dangerous mold and mildew.


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